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What even is a "Health Coach"??

This article is focused on tackling some of the basic questions that you may have pertaining to all that a health coach entails. In order to accurately answer some of those questions you have, I have collaborated with The Health Center for Success and they gave some really great ways to effectively communicate these things to you. Our goal is to hopefully enlighten you a little more about the wonderful, positive impact Health Coaches have on your overall health and how they can help you reach your wellness goals. The questions we want address include the following:

What Is A Health Coach?

How does a Health Coach and Dietitian differ?

Is A Health Coach the right method for me?

Do I need a referral for a Health Coach?

1. What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is someone who has been institutionally trained to help patients create healthy and sustainable behavior by challenging them to develop their inner wisdom, identify values, patterns and behaviors - that can help make success happen. A Health Coach has been trained to use effective tools to help facilitate self-discovery and transform goals into a reality by organizing them into bite-sized, achievable steps.

We all know what we need to do to be successful: eat right, exercise, sleep well, manage stress, etc. It's actually DOING them that's the challenge. Our Health Coaches look at your relationship with each of these health pillars and assist you in developing a plan that fits YOU where you are now in your health journey.

2. How does a Health Coach and Dietitian differ?

Our Dietitians learns your biochemistry and collaborates with your Doctor to design a specialized and bio-individual dietary plan for you based off your health history, labs, body composition, health conditions, and lifestyle. Though, our Health Coaches and Dietitians collaborate on your wellness plan and goals - they differ greatly. The Health Coach focuses on helping you implement life changes as prescribed by your physician for greater compliance and success for you to see optimal results. 3. Is A Health Coach the right method for me?

Health Coaching achieves high success rates even after coaching has ended. The reason, as experts in transferring knowledge, Health Coaches give you the information you need to select and navigate the most appropriate type of care for your particular condition. They drive behavioral change by tailoring their approach to each individual’s unique health status, lifestyle, personal preferences and potential barriers. Health Coaches educate you on how to implement the doctor's orders and reaching individual wellness goals, such as weight loss, emotional stress reduction, better sleep, etc. Several studies indicate having a Health Coach significantly increases the success rate of a patient's wellness plan. 4. Do I Need a referral Health Coach?

No. To schedule your appointment with one of our Health Coaches contact our office and ask to be scheduled. Our Health Coaches are always ready to optimize your membership by helping you reach your goals in a fun and compassionate environment.

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