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Breast Cancer Awareness

This post is for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I see so many women posting their top halves along with pleas for donations and wearing pink, in their well-intentioned efforts to further breast cancer research. Sorry, but NO. I will keep this simple, although it will likely still be taken down.

Before I get into the facts, I would like to share my story. The two pics below show before and after surgery. I had breast implants after I gave birth to my third child, in the early 90's. I was young and I trusted my doctors. I didn't ask questions.

As the years passed I became very ill and was eventually diagnosed with mycotoxin poisoning (mold) and Lyme's Disease (autoimmune). I had a few autoimmune diseases before this..eczema and asthma.

After years of doing my own research I had determined it was the implants that were making me sick. When I finally had them removed (20 years later), I felt better immediately. As though I had two large tumors removed. My system (which was on overload for over 2 decades) finally felt some relief. Everything changed. Even my complexion! Several people had asked if I had had facial work done.

Within months my bloodwork was normalizing and my gut was healing. It has been seven years and I feel SO much better!

There are known causes for breast cancer, which are often the