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Breast Cancer Awareness

This post is for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I see so many women posting their top halves along with pleas for donations and wearing pink, in their well-intentioned efforts to further breast cancer research. Sorry, but NO. I will keep this simple, although it will likely still be taken down.

Before I get into the facts, I would like to share my story. The two pics below show before and after surgery. I had breast implants after I gave birth to my third child, in the early 90's. I was young and I trusted my doctors. I didn't ask questions.

As the years passed I became very ill and was eventually diagnosed with mycotoxin poisoning (mold) and Lyme's Disease (autoimmune). I had a few autoimmune diseases before this..eczema and asthma.

After years of doing my own research I had determined it was the implants that were making me sick. When I finally had them removed (20 years later), I felt better immediately. As though I had two large tumors removed. My system (which was on overload for over 2 decades) finally felt some relief. Everything changed. Even my complexion! Several people had asked if I had had facial work done.

Within months my bloodwork was normalizing and my gut was healing. It has been seven years and I feel SO much better!

There are known causes for breast cancer, which are often the very things we hear will help detect or cure the disease. There are safe alternatives to all of these, which are rarely talked about in mainstream circles.

1. Mammograms - High amounts of radiation and not accurate.

Thermograms are much more accurate for early detection and radiation.

2. Contraception- synthetic hormones are a known cancer

causer, not to mention other serious health issues like blood

clots and aneurisms.

3. Hormone altering foods and body products...Our skin, being

the largest organ of our bodies, absorbs EVERYTHING. Worst

offenders are laundry products/fabric softeners, deodorant,

and sunscreen. Fake, Fast, genetically modified and hormone

infused, dairy and factory beef being the


4. Bras with underwire. This research has been around for

decades. Underwires block the lymph nodes not allowing for

proper drainage.

5. ALL Implants... particularly breast.

6. It is important to note that the number of men getting breast

cancer continues to skyrocket.

Imagine that. The very things we do to prevent the disease are the things that are contributing to the disease!

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