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Kassy’s 5 day Gut Healing Cleanse

Did you know that 90% of your immune system is located in your gut? And, All disease begins in the gut. It is important to cleanse every year. Start the year off right with a 5 day gut healing cleanse.

What you will need-

  1. Journal- It is helpful to write when cleansing and detoxing. Writing actually has many health benefits, both emotional and physical.

  2. Organic Senna Leaf Tea 1 box, or 1/2 cup loose *optional. 1 cup before bed

  3. Organic Stevia (Sweet Leaf) I prefer the liquid

  4. Local organic celery 3-4 bunches (for juicing). If you don’t own a juicer you can try to purchase at local juicer or skip the celery juice and add more cayenne lemonade. 12 ozs at least an hour after you complete the SWF

  5. 4-8 Meyer lemons

  6. Organic Cayenne Pepper

  7. Himilayan or Celtic Sea Salt

  8. Purified Water several gallons (depending on how long you cleanse)

  9. HOMEMADE Grass Fed & Finished Bone Broth. How Much? 1-2 quarts per day. A good homemade bone broth contains a ton of good fat along with collagen and other nutrients. It must be sipped slowly OTHERWISE there may be some very unpleasant side effects. *Please don’t use a microwave to heat it up. Do it the good ole’ fashioned way-over the stove. For Bone Broth: There is an easy InstaPot Recipe on my website if you need it: *Tina Bailey makes bone broth if you are unable to make your own. Tina’s number is: 530.401.6102

  10. A good probiotic (optional) I use Megaspore Probiotics (Take at bedtime and start with 1/8 of one capsule, if you are not used to taking a probiotic)

  11. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil. You can order this directly from my website under affiliates. Or, they sell it at Whole Foods and Nugget.

*It is recommended but not required that you refrain from coffee to receive the best benefit of the cleanse. Green and herbal tea’s are okay.

*Also, it is recommended to refrain from all supplements/vitamins, with the exception of probiotic (optional).

For Cayenne Lemonade - I prefer to make up the concentrate and keep in the fridge. Add 10 ozs hot water to 1 Tablespoons lemon juice, cayenne dash to 1/8 tsp. 3 drops stevia

By Leila Milani

Recipe 1: Batch of cold lemon water


  • The juice of 3 medium sized lemons

  • 1/4-1/2 TSP Cayenne Pepper

  • 3/4 TBSP Stevia

  • 16 OZ mason jars

  • 8 cups water


  • Add all ingredients to blender, and blend on level 1.

  • Gradually increase to 2 or 3, just until the water starts to turn a peach color (almost looks like grapefruit juice).

  • Add the mixture to the mason jars and refrigerate

I like to make 6 at a time because it looks nice in my refrigerator (I’m not kidding). When things are organized and in order it makes it a more pleasant experience, so when I see them lined up I like grabbing one in the morning! It might sound weird, but this is what works for me :) I would recommend making 5 or 6 at a time, and putting them in your refrigerator. It’s similar to food prepping... when it’s all laid out, its less work you have to do.

One thing to note is that warm lemon water is the most effective. It’s more soothing for your body versus cold water. I just prefer cold because I can make them in batches. Another option is to take the mason jar out of the fridge in the morning and let it come to room temperature before drinking. You could even take it with you to go, and drink it once you get to work. Either way you can’t go wrong with this drink, warm or cold.

Recipe 2: Warm lemon water

Like I mentioned, warm water with lemon is even better for you than drinking it cold. The only thing with this is you obviously can’t make it in batches, because you have to warm up your water in the morning. Here is the recipe I personally use:


  • The juice of 1 lemon

  • 8 OZ hot water

  • Dash of cayenne


  • Warm the water on your stove, and then pour it into a mug.

  • Squeeze in the lemon juice, and sprinkle in a little cayenne. Ready to drink.

I use one lemon because I’m a lemon freak. Really, I can eat lemons like oranges (it’s a Persian thing, I think). Using ½ lemon is perfectly fine as well. I recommend sprinkling in a little cayenne, mixing it with a spoon, then trying it. A little cayenne goes a long way, so just test it out and see what you can handle! No exact measurement needed since you’re not making this in a big batch. :)


Salt Water Flush-

  • 32 ozs warm pure water

  • 2 tsp. sea salt (do NOT use table salt)

Mix and Drink on an empty stomach FIRST THING in the morning.

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