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Dave & Sam

In 2009 Dave was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Although somewhat aggressive Dave opted to hold off treatment while exploring other ways to deal with the cancer. Dave is seen at one of the top University cancer centers in the country to closely monitor his cancer while pursuing non-treatment options. One of the most significant changes was in his diet. And the single biggest component of the new diet is green smoothies.

Once Dave started seeing results from these changes he realized that changing his son, Sam’s diet could be life changing for him as well. Sam is severely disabled with poor muscle tone, major gastrointestinal problems and multiple GI surgeries. So, Sam started on green smoothies too. It wasn’t long before Sam’s health improved dramatically.

Today Dave’s cancer is completely undetectable. And Sam is lean, muscular, thriving and happy. His GI issues are almost completely gone.

But Sam and Dave didn’t stop there. They continue to explore ways to enhance the power of their smoothies. And explore ways to make them even tastier!

Sam and Dave are happy to share their experience. Especially because they didn’t just dream this up one day. Not long after Dave’s diagnosis he ran into a childhood friend he had not seen in many years. She looked fantastic!

In their brief visit Dave learned that she had beaten three seemingly terminal cancers. After her third battle, her journey with green smoothies began. Her story inspired Dave to start his journey. And we hope these stories inspire you to explore healthier choices for your life. Maybe even giving green smoothies a try!


Youtube Video - Cooking with Kassy Sam's Smoothie

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