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Homemade Blueberry Peach Keto Jam

4 cups ripe fresh fruit, cut into pieces (peeled if you desire)

2 cups water

1 cup monk fruit

2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice

2 Tbsp. glucomannan


  1. In Medium Saucepan cook the fruit, water, monk fruit and lemon juice until fruit is soft and sugar has dissolved. Stirring often. Approximately 10 minutes. 

  2. Remove from heat and cool to touch

  3. Pour into food processor

  4. Sprinkle with Glucomannan

  5. Using on/off mode, coarsely chop the fruit mixture. Approximately 6-10 pulse

  6. Pour into wide mouth mason jars and store in the refrigerator.


Delicious on pancakes and waffles!


*glucomannan is a nutrient dense prebiotic fiber. It is good for your gut and tasteless. Great for puddings and smoothies, too!

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