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It's that time of year again! No need to medicate.

Watch the video below for natural hay fever/allergy remedy.

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Meet Kassy


Hello, my name is Kassy Clifford and I'm a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. What sets me apart from other health & wellness coaches, you ask? I believe it is a combination of my life experiences and how I have chosen to deal with them.

Recipes & Tips 


If you want a little more 'oomph' in your morning beverage but are concerned about all the sugar and cream, try Bulletproof coffee or Yerba Mate tea. It will be a welcomed new addition to your morning routine

Health Coaching 


Three group health coaching programs designed to get you back on the path to health and happiness. You will discover how relationships, physical activity, your career or passions, and your spirituality all play a significant role in your health and well being. So if you’re finally ready to get real with yourself, these programs are for you!

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Kassy Clifford
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